Welcome to the Good Wiring Project: We’re Wiring The World For Good!

According to the National Center for Charitable Statistics (NCCS), more than 1.5 million nonprofit organizations are registered in the United States alone. In a recent survey, 42 percent of nonprofits say their website isn’t mobile-friendly. Many nonprofits don’t even have a website at all.

Yet nonprofits and other cause organizations inspire change and wire the world for good in the regions they operate. We believe that good can be magnified many times over by providing every cause related organization with the means to expand their reach – a mobile-friendly website.

Our mission:

The Good Wiring Project was created to provide free mobile-friendly websites and free website hosting to nonprofit organizations and other cause related organizations in the world that do not currently have a mobile-friendly website.

Our phase I goal:

Our goal is to construct 80 free mobile-friendly websites for nonprofits and other cause related organizations in the first quarter of 2017.

Our progress:

Our phase I goal is 1% complete.

What is the Good Wiring Project?

The Good Wiring Project is a joint venture between the High School of Art and Design and Wasabi Publicity, Inc., a PR firm committed to inspiring change in the world. The project provides free mobile-friendly websites and free hosting to nonprofit organizations and other cause related organizations.

Who is this for?

Any nonprofit organization or other cause related organization that either does not currently have a website or that does not have a mobile-friendly website.

Why is this free?

We believe that the great things every qualifying organization is causing can be magnified many times over by providing the most effective vehicle for reaching more people (or animals) in need and more donors to support those needs – a mobile-friendly website.

How long is it free?

Great question. Our current sponsorship guarantees your free mobile-friendly website will be hosted for a minimum of 2 years (24 months) at no charge to you or your organization.

What happens after 2 years?

By then, we hope to have additional funding to continue hosting your website at no charge. If that does not happen, however, we will provide a backup file of your website that can be relocated to another hosting solution of your choice.

How do I apply?

Please fill out this short application.

My organization is not classified as a nonprofit or 501(c)(3), but we’re causing great things in the world. Do we qualify for this project?

The short answer is probably yes. We consider each application on a case-by-case basis and our goal is to provide as many free mobile-friendly websites as possible.

I already have a website? Can you make it mobile friendly?

Probably yes. If your website is built in WordPress and you can provide cPanel access to your hosting, we can probably make it mobile friendly.

I already own a domain. Can I use it with my new website?

Yes. Your domain can be redirected to a mobile-friendly websites we have built for you such that the website resolves seamlessly to your domain name.

Who will build my website?

Wasabi Publicity, Inc. has a team of highly qualified web designers who will oversee the construction of each new mobile-friendly website.

What role will the High School of Art and Design play in this project?

Students at the High School of Art and Design will review your existing marketing materials (your logo, brochures, email newsletters, social media accounts, etc.) and develop a branding guideline and overall design for your website, including color choices, fonts, images, and other graphic elements to be used in your website’s design.

I have another question that isn’t covered here. How do I get an answer?

Ask us using this contact form.

Our sponsors:

Wasabi Publicity, Inc.
High School of Art and Design
Asheville Web Hosting
Crooked Tree Creative